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  • In order to comply with the City of Tempe Mandatory Facemask proclamation, please read below:
  • Aspire will follow the mandatory facemask policy until further notice.
  • All persons entering Aspire will need to be wearing a facemask - this includes Coaches, Staff, Parents and Players
  • Once engaging in practice or competition ON THE COURT, players can decide whether they want to keep a facemask on or remove it.  If they remove their facemask, they must put it back on before leaving their court.  If they are in a tournament as the ref team, they must wear their facemask.
  • Coaches will be expected to wear a facemask during practice and matches.
  • We have been, and will remain, committed to the safety of our players, their families and our coaches.  Unique to our club, Aspire has hired several of our coaches to act as COVID Coordinators and will be at the entrance to our gym at all times, monitoring and enforcing safety protocols.  All players will have their temperature checked when they enter the gym and be directed to one of our two dedicated hand-washing stations to sanitize prior to stepping on the court. 
  • Athletes will also be required to wear a mask upon entry and when they are not playing.  Our coaches will be wearing masks at all times and parents will also be required to wear a mask in the gym and when speaking to coaches.  Aspire has been COVID free since reopening our gym in May and will continue to work diligently to remain that way.

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