Girls Teams

Aspire Girls Teams

With some of the best and brightest coaches in Arizona, Aspire continues it's history of success! Here are the teams for the 2022-2023 season.

  • 12 Premier

    Head Coach Mindi Moser - Assistant Coaches Sutton Dana, Daisy Peter and Troy Moser

  • 12 Black

    Head Coach Joli Sadler - Assistant Coach Layni Rodriquez

  • 13 Premier

    Head Coach Andrew Yamashiro - Assistant Coach Kayla Subbert and Charlie Hualde

  • 13 Black

    Co-coaches Annika Wallace and Amanda Alexander

  • 14 Premier

    Head Coach Sharon Vanis - Assistant Coach Bailey Jones and Taylor Kingi

  • 14 Black

    Head Coach Nui Rubin - Assistant Coach Kale Rubin

  • 14 Silver

    Head Coach Carlos Flys - Assistant Coach Maddie Purdy and Moorea Neimeier

  • 14 Royal

    Head Coach Shaye Johnson - Assistant Coach Jen Jacot

  • 15 Premier

    Head Coach Karen Gray - Assistant Coach Kendall Rohrer and Anna Morse

  • 15 Black

    Head Coach Carlos Flys - Assistant Coach Daniyah Jehangir

  • 15 Silver

    Head Coach Tajah Bell - Assistant Coach Dani Mineo

  • 15 Royal

    Head Coach Micah Lloyd - Assistant Coach Mikala Morris

  • 16 Premier

    Head Coach Clark Fleming - Assistant Coach Alberto Zazueta and Kizzy Ricedorff

  • 16 Black

    Head Coach Michael Shannon - Assistant Coach Keri Leake and McKenna Smith

  • 16 Silver

    Head Coach Madeline Snyder - Assistant Coach Hayli Marshall

  • 16 Royal

    Head Coach Alessandra Perez - Assistant Coach Amy Park

  • 17 Premier

    Head Coach Kris Maglunog - Assistant Coach Puna Kaniho and William Robinson

  • 18 Black

    Head Coach Justine Ackie - Assistant Coach Gabby Wernik and Jamie Ellis

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