Why Choose Aspire?

Aspire partners with League One Volleyball to bring professional women's volleyball to the USA - press release:

Aspire LOVB press release

There are many reasons that we feel you should choose Aspire for your young athlete, here are some of the most compelling ones:

  • Top tier talent and coaches in the state of Arizona

  • Boys and Girls teams and training for all levels of experience

  • Off season: Extensive clinics, camps, leagues and open gyms for off season training

  • In Season: Potential for private lessons with elite level coaching

  • We own our courts and this allows us to manage court time, and stay open when others close

  • College recruiting coordinator available at every practice to help athletes reach their highest potential

  • Each team will be equipped with live streaming devices through the Sporfie app keeping everyone connected

  • A real sense of pride and community are very important to us

  • We are relentless in training your young athlete

How We Started

Rooted in the need for his young daughters to have a place to play volleyball, former Aspire Club Director Scott Lloyd started Aspire in 2006.   Realizing there was a strong need in the community for other young players to have an opportunity to improve their skills, Aspire grew rapidly and became one of the top volleyball clubs in the state while achieving national recognition.  In 2010 Aspire added a boys program that has grown to over 15 teams and is the largest developmental boys program in the state. Our teams have won many honors including winning my local tournaments, National Qualifiers and several Girls Junior National Championships.  With that, our mission remains the same as the day Aspire was founded - to help every player that wants to grow their volleyball skills and love for the game get the training they need to become a better player and grow both physically and mentally.

Our Coaches Make Us Great

What sets Aspire apart from other clubs is the quality of coaches we have at every level.  From our youngest to our oldest coaches, all have years of coaching experience and many have elite college playing experience as well.  All of our teams benefit from this by having an experienced, professional coach heading up their team.  Players also have access to different coaches in the club through clinics and camps, as well as private lessons.

Our families make us greater

It is our families that helped create Aspire and they are who keep us going.  We thrive in a family atmosphere and are grateful for our players and parents that share in our mission of providing their son or daughter with an opportunity to learn from us.

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